Trying to conceive? OVU Control tells you when it's the right time to try!


Ovu Control is 98% accurate in tracking your fertility.



Ovu Control is a saliva based method of detecting ovulation which is now available! It has experience in over 70 countries and is continuing to help families on their journey to get pregnant! 1 in 6 couples face infertility challenges, couples are trying to conceive later (>35 years old) and numerous women are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles. These problems make the family planning journey very frustrating, emotional and potentially expensive for couples. There are many benefits to a saliva ovulation predictor and compared to traditional LH urine strips, benefits include:

  • Simple - dab of saliva on microscope

  • Economical - Unlimited tests with this reusable device (equivalent to the cost of 2 months of traditional urine strips!) 

  • Accurate - Clinically equivalent to urine strips
  • Hygienic - no urine required


  • Scientifically tested saliva-based method (‘ferning phenomenon‘) – assessment of woman´s saliva sample
  • Contains mini-microscope (50-fold magnification)
  • 100% discreet design
  • Can be used anywhere & is reusable
  • Clinically tested
  • Cleaning cloth provided for microscope lens

Geratherm® Ovu Control is a reusable, lipstick sized device that detects hormonal changes in your saliva to predict ovulation. Did you know that ovulation can be seen through your saliva? During a woman’s fertile days, LH increases cause elevated quantities of electrolytes. This results in ferning or the crystallization of dried saliva which can be seen under a microscope. Ovu control will help to track your entire menstrual cycle which will help you time the 6 days that you are fertile after you see positive results!


“I was impressed by the elegant design and the simplicity of the Ovu Control device which is able to provide detection of the fertile period for women based on the physiologic effect of estrogen in the saliva. The absence of any reagents, and the ability to reuse the device on a daily or monthly basis, makes it extremely economical compared to urinary LH detection strips.
Dr. Robert Casper | Professor, Department of Obstectrics & Gynecology [University of Toronto]
“It’s nice to see a company specializing in quality family planning products. I am especially impressed with the accuracy, ease of use and economical value of both the Ovu Control fertility predictor and Early Detect pregnancy test. Geratherm has truly taken today’s women into consideration!
Dr. Grace Liu | Obstetrics & Gynecologist [Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center / Women's College Hospital]


The salt crystals that form in dried saliva have a fern-like structure. This ‘ferning pattern’ can be seen most clearly directly before ovulation. During the infertile days this ‘ferning pattern’ disappears owing to the increasing level of progesterone, and a gravel-like pattern is seen instead. 



1. How does Geratherm® ovu control work?

Geratherm® ovu control detects hormone changes that occur prior to and during ovulation. There is a direct correlation between the increase in LH (luteinising hormone) levels and the time of ovulation. During a woman’s fertile days, the salt content in the saliva rises owing to the increased LH production. The salt crystals that form in dried saliva have a fern-like structure. This ‘ferning pattern’ can be seen most clearly directly before ovulation. During the infertile days this ‘ferning pattern’ disappears owing to the increasing level of progesterone, and a gravel-like pattern is seen instead.

2. Is Geratherm® ovu control accurate?

When instructions are followed, determining fertility through ovulation microscopy has been shown to be 98% accurate.

3. Does the fern structure look the same for all women?

No. As the LH increase varies, not only from cycle to cycle, but also from woman to woman, an unique crystallisation pattern is detected for each woman.

4. When do I test with Geratherm® ovu control?

Test on a daily basis, preferably morning right after getting up, before eating, drinking, smoking, brushing teeth, etc. If you test later in the day, try to wait at least three hours after eating, drinking, brushing teeth or smoking. Record results on a fertility chart or calendar. Carefully recorded data provide important diagnostic information and you should always take them with you when you visit your doctor. Start recording on the first day of a menstrual period.

5. How many times can I use the fertility tester?

The Geratherm® ovu control is re-usable. There is no other expense, other than the batteries, which may eventually need to be replaced.

6. How do I apply a saliva sample?

A sublingual saliva sample, collected from below the tongue will provide the best results. Place a drop of saliva on the middle of the lens using a clean and dry finger. Dab the saliva onto the lens from above, without smearing the drop. Ensure that no air bubbles or foam are on the lens. Leave the saliva sample to dry at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes. Note: You can stimulate the production of saliva by biting gently on your tongue.

7. Can I dry the saliva sample with tools such as a hairdryer?

No. The use of any device to dry the saliva sample may damage it. The sample can become distorted by blowing or get contaminated with foreign objects, this could lead to a misinterpretation of the results. If you are in a hurry in the morning and cannot view the sample, let it dry as long as required and then view it at a later point.

8. Will breast-feeding affect my results?

Yes, if you are breast-feeding your results could be inaccurate. This is due to hormonal changes in your body.

9. What can interfere with results?

Anything that affects LH levels in the body may affect the results. Changes to the ‘ferning pattern’ can be caused by the following:

  • After discontinuing the use of hormonal contraceptive agents (e.g. ‘the pill’)

  • During use of hormone supplements (e.g. ‘the pill’) or other specific medications.

  • After a birth, during and after lactation.

  • Medical conditions or products which alter the composition of mucus secretions (e.g. expectorant medications) High LH levels may produce an ongoing ‘ferning pattern’ while low LH levels may not be picked up by the microscope. In this situation, please contact your doctor.

10. How do I clean the Geratherm® ovu control?

Clean the lens after each use, either with the spectacle cleaning cloth provided or with a clean dry (lint-free) cloth. Do not immerse the Geratherm® ovu control in water.

11. Can I detect a fern structure even though I am not ovulating?

In rare cases, fern structures might form in some women, who are not ovulating. This is due to an increase in the oestrogen content just before the end of the cycle or before the start of menstruation. In this case, however, the fern structures are smaller, less branched and only visible for one or two days.

12. Why do I never see a fern structure?

There could be several reasons for this:

• Certain drugs or hormones, as well as smoking, acute inflammation in the oral cavity or in the throat and alcohol can alter the composition of saliva temporarily and thus affect the result.

• Use the Geratherm® ovu control before eating, drinking, cleaning your teeth or smoking, or at least 3 hours after eating, drinking, cleaning your teeth or smoking.

• The saliva sample applied to the slide glass must completely dry before you want to observe it. In rare cases, it may be that your body does not produce enough LH and thus no ovulation takes place (anovulatory cycles). If you suspect that this might be the case, please get in touch with your doctor immediately.

13. Why do I always see a fern structure?

There are a small percentage of women, whose LH level is high throughout the month. This could possibly be due to the fact that the progesterone content in these women is too low. If you suspect that this might be the case, please get in touch with your obstetrician immediately.

14. Why do I only see the transitional pattern but no full ferning?

Women with lower LH levels may not see full ferning if LH (and so salt) levels are not sufficient to produce large crystals (ferns). You can still identify your most fertile phase as this peak in oestrogen levels indicates ovulation.

15. I only stopped taking the pill last month. Can I use Geratherm® ovu control?

The first cycle after stopping hormonal contraceptives is usually quite irregular. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for two cycles, before you start using ovu control. It is best to allow your body to find its natural rhythm first, which is the condition for a correct implementation of the fertility test.

16. Can Geratherm® ovu control be used as a contraceptive device?

No, ovulation microscopes should not be used as a contraceptive device.

17. Can I use Geratherm® ovu control if my cycle is irregular?

Yes. Geratherm® ovu control helps you to gain full control of your cycle, even if it is irregular. Only through daily testing will any irregularities be detected by observation of the fern structures. If you fill in the daily control strips, you will quickly get to know your cycle accurately.

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