Trust a calculation?

Use the free ovulation calculator below as a guide to help you track your ovulation.

How does this calculator work?

This tool helps you determine when you might be ovulating based on information from your most recent period and the length of your cycle. This is an approximate date, and the calculation assumes a regular menstrual cycle. Should your cycle be irregular, you may want to try other ways to pinpoint ovulation, such as monitoring your basal body temperature and cervical mucus.

Or, trust a fact?

We live in a time where people are accustomed to convenience and instant accurate results, so why use a rough calculation which is only estimated? There is a better option: OVU Control is a reusable saliva based ovulation predictor which gives you real-time results, whenever, wherever. OVU Control is the first and only Health Canada approved saliva based ovulation predictor!


See how it works.

 Ovulation Saliva Predictor - Ovu Control