Geratherm Medical is an internationally aligned medical technology company based out of Germany.  As a leading innovator in Europe for Women's Health products, Geratherm has developed a wide range of products from diagnostic home tests to fertility and family planning lines. Other business divisions of Geratherm include Health Care Diagnostics, Medical Warming Systems, Cardio/Stroke and Respiratory. Their roots are in medical temperature measurement and also offer a broad range of products, most of which have unique features.  



Launching Innovation Together Inc (www.littinc.com) is an exclusive distributor for Geratherm and with our expertise in healthcare and distribution, we are ready to introduce the Geratherm Family Planning products. Working with Geratherm, we have recognized the opportunity to enable women to access these high quality German made products for very competitive prices.



While family planning can be a beautiful and exciting journey, it isn’t always an easy one. Some are blessed with the ability to create a family within a couple attempts, while others try repeatedly as the months cycle by and options are exhausted.

Challenges with conception, while frustrating, are quite normal and even easy to address with the right products and knowledge. We are here to inform and educate on the intricacies of ovulation while providing you with access to world-class trackers, thermometers and test kits.

In 2014, we partnered with Gerathem, a German based medical company and manufacturer of high-quality family planning aids. Unavailable in Canada until now, we knew bringing this unique line of products to the modern, Canadian woman and family was important for the following reasons:

  • Trustworthy German quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Discreet online purchasing
  • Proven Ease-of-use (Early Detect)
  • Reusable, sustainable and cost-effective (Ovu Control)
  • Precision diagnostic readings (Digital Basal Thermometer)

Our personal experience led us into creating this space where you can learn and shop in a discreet environment that has your success and ultimate conception as top priority. The Geratherm line of products is unmatched in the Canadian market, having received outstanding reviews worldwide.

We hope that you will take the time to read about and understand these products which are now, finally, available in Canada.